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TFK Channels for Steam Trace Service

TFK Channels are specifically designed to enclose, protect and permanently secure steam trace tubing (and sometimes hard-pipe) to pipelines or tanks. Available in galvanized or stainless steel construction, different channel sizes ensure uniform coverage of Thermon heat transfer compounds for specific tubing diameters. TFK channels also provide protection for the heat transfer compound and tracer while ensuring contact between the tracer and the pipeline or tank to which it is attached. The TFK channels are held in place by stainless steel banding straps to anchor the trace to the pipeline or tank and help secure the heat transfer compound to the tracer. A tracing system with TFK channels should maintain a solid thermal connection to the heated surface and ensures maximum heat transfer capability for as long as the pipeline or vessel is in service within the operating range of the heat transfer compounds.


  • Permanently secures tracer to heated surface
  • Provides additional mechanical protection
  • Reduces installation time
  • Assures uniform coverage of heat transfer compound

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Nominal TFK Channel Dimensions
Cat # Width Height Length Thickness Material
TFK-4 1.18 (30) .84 (21) 4 (1.2) .04 (1.0) Rigid Galvanized
TFK-6 2.00 (51) 1.00 (25) 4 (1.2) .03 (0.7) Flexible Stainless
TFK-7 1.62 (41) 1.22 (31) 4 (1.2) .04 (1.0) Rigid Galvanized
TFK-8 0.66 (17) .75 (19) 4 (1.2) .04 (1.0) Rigid Galvanized
TFK-9 2.50 (64) 1.75 (44) 4 (1.2) .06 (1.6) Rigid Galvanized
TFK sections are shipped in 1.22 m (4-foot) lengths and are packaged 25 sections per box.