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Cata-Dyne™ Literature

Product Manual Drawing Catalogs
Cata-Dyne™ Product Guide Brochure
AC-BV - Manual Shut-Off Ball Valve     Catalog
AC-FS - Floor Stands / Floor Mounting Brackets   Drawing Catalog
AC-G - Safety Shut-Off Valve (with Thermostat, Mertik)     Catalog
AC-LE - Battery Cables/Electric Start-Up Leads     Catalog
AC-MK - Vent Hood Assembly (for MKII models)     Catalog
AC-R - Gas Pressure Regulator Manual   Catalog
AC-SN - Protection Grills Manual   Catalog
AC-TC - Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve     Catalog
AC-VH - Vent Hood Assembly     Catalog
AC-WB - Wall Mounting Brackets   Drawing Catalog
ASV - Safety Shut-Off Valve     Catalog
ASV-NT - Tamper-Proof Safety Shut-Off Valve     Catalog
BX Series Infrared Catalytic Heater Manual Drawing Catalog
CHS - Cata-Dyne™ Heating Package     Catalog
FLO-DRI Compressed Gas Scrubbing Systems     Catalog
FLO-DRI G-10 & M-10 series Manual    
FLO-DRI G-25, M-25 & M-25V series Manual    
FLO-DRI G-60, G-100, G-150, M-60, M-100 & M-150 series Manual    
HEA - Regulator Enclosure     Catalog
IGP - Instrument Gas Preheater     Catalog
IN-B - Battery Cable Cabinet     Catalog
IN-H - Gas Pressure Test Kit     Catalog
IN-P - Fuel Gas Hose     Catalog
LH - Line Heater   Drawing Catalog
MKII - Explosion-Proof Gas Catalytic Heater (Side Mount Controls) Manual Drawing Catalog
MLH - Micro Line Heater   Drawing Catalog
MV - Motor Valve Enclosure     Catalog
OF - Orifice Fitting Meter Enclosure     Catalog
POL - Propane Fitting Adapter     Catalog
PP - Pipe Preheater Enclosure     Catalog
RGE - Regular Duty Unit Heater     Catalog
RM - Rotary Meter Enclosure     Catalog
SCH - Super Conductor Enclosure     Catalog
SF-1 - Stratafan™ Forced Convection Fan for Infrared Heaters Manual Drawing Catalog
SS - Sure Seal Pipeline System   Drawing Catalog
Thermocouple Probe     Catalog
WX - Explosion-Proof Infrared Gas Catalytic Heater (Standard Unit) Manual Drawing Catalog
WXS - Expolosion-Proof Gas Catalytic Heater Manual Drawing Catalog