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Caloritech™ Literature

Product Manual Drawing Catalogs
Caloritech™ Product Guide Brochure
30000 - Surface Mounting Thermoswitch™ Temperature Control     Catalog
566 - Base Load Step Control     Catalog
AFS - Air Flow Switch     Catalog
Air Duct Heaters (DF, DI Series) Manual   Catalog
Ammonia Vaporization Systems   Drawing  
AR - Industrial Thermostat     Catalog
B100 - Thermocouple Well Assemblies     Catalog
Band Heaters (TB, BC Series)     Catalog
BFP - Boiler Feed Pump for Steam Boiler     Catalog
BOT - Blow Off Tank for Steam Boiler     Catalog
Bottom Mount Immersion Heaters (DX Series) Manual   Catalog
BX - Heavy-Duty Convection Heater Manual   Catalog
C - Cartridge Heater     Catalog
CA - Stuffing Box Manual   Catalog
Calorifiers (HC, VC Series)     Catalog
Caloritech™ Electronic Indicating Controls     Catalog
Caloritech™ Electronic Indicating Controls (Yokogawa)     Catalog
Caloritech™ Heavy-Duty Room Thermostats     Catalog
Caloritech™ OK3 Infrared Radiant Heater Manual    
Caloritech™ OKB, OKD, OKH Infrared Radiant Heater Manual    
Caloritech™ OKP Infrared Radiant Heater Manual    
CCR1 - Triton™ Corrosion-Resistant Washdown Unit Heater Manual    
CCR1 & CCRE1 - Triton™ Corrosion-Resistant Washdown Unit Heater     Catalog
Circulation Heaters     Catalog
Circulation Heaters (EX Series) Manual   Catalog
CO - Control Sensor Accessories     Catalog
Control Panel and Pump House Heater Manual   Catalog
CPA - Fully Packaged Control Panel     Catalog
CPB - Basic Control Panel     Catalog
CPG - Ground Fault Protection Control Panel     Catalog
CPP - Power Pack Control Panel     Catalog
CPS - Control Panel (Contactor Stages)     Catalog
CPXD - Control Panel for XDF Duct Heater     Catalog
CRP - Condensate Receiver Package     Catalog
CWCB - Packaged Circulation Heater Manual   Catalog
CWI - Protective Well     Catalog
CX - Replacement Boiler Flange Heater     Catalog
CX - Screwplug Immersion Heater     Catalog
D - Drum Heater     Catalog
Detect-A-Fire™ Units     Catalog
Digital Indicating Temperature Control (for Immersion Heaters)     Catalog
Domestic Immersion Heaters (CXC,CXI)     Catalog
Duct Heaters     Catalog
EH - Level Probe     Catalog
Explosion-Proof Thermostats (XTW, XTB Series) Manual   Catalog
F61 - Flow Switch     Catalog
Fenwal Thermoswitch™ Temperature Controls     Catalog
Flange Heaters (CX Series) Manual   Catalog
Forced Air Heaters (RCH) Manual   Catalog
Forced Air Unit Heaters GE Manual   Catalog
Forced Air Unit Heaters GX Manual   Catalog
FS Strip Heaters     Catalog
FV - Calvane™ Heater     Catalog
FX - Liquid Heat Transfer Systems     Catalog
HE-54 - Heat Sink     Catalog
High Temperature Wire     Catalog
HX, IX Tubular Heaters Manual   Catalog
Immersion Heaters     Catalog
Infrared Radiant Heaters (OK Series)     Catalog
IXS - Bolt Heater (Stud Heater) Manual   Catalog
J3-K3/TC11 - Thermocouple (Standard Series)     Catalog
KX Tubular Heaters     Catalog
MX - Pipe-Insert Immersion Heater Manual   Catalog
MXS - Gain and Gate Guide Heater     Catalog
OKT - Percentage Timer (Input Controller) Manual   Catalog
Over-The-Side Immersion Heaters (DX Series) Manual   Catalog
Overhead HVAC Duct Heaters (DFF, DIF, DOF)     Catalog
Packaged Electric Steam Boilers (VSB, VHSB, HSB Series)     Catalog
Packaged Hot Water Boilers (HW, VW Series)     Catalog
PGH/PGHT - Pilot Gas Heaters Manual   Catalog
PH - Fan-Forced Enclosure Heater Manual   Catalog
Power & Control Electrical Panels     Catalog
Precision Snap-Disc Thermostats (Probe Style, Surface Mount)     Catalog
Pressurizer Heaters     Catalog
Process Duct Heaters (WX Series) Manual   Catalog
PXFT - Control Panel and Pump House Heater Manual   Catalog
PXFT - Natural Convection Heater Manual   Catalog
R841 - Thermal Relay     Catalog
R851B - Electronic Step Control     Catalog
S688 - Sail Switch     Catalog
Screwplug Heaters (CX Series) Manual   Catalog
SD Strip Heaters     Catalog
Series 20000 - Snap Acting Thermoswitch™     Catalog
SF - Solenoid Feed Mechanism for Steam Boilers     Catalog
Solid State Power Control Panels (CPSS, CPE Series)     Catalog
SS Strip Heaters     Catalog
Strip Heaters (FS, SD, SS Series) Manual    
SV - Level Control for Conductive Liquids     Catalog
T775 - Electronic Remote Bulb Thermostat     Catalog
TCR-PL - Neon Pilot Light     Catalog
Threshold Heaters (Calbar™, Tubular)     Catalog
TX - Urn Heater Manual   Catalog
Unit Heaters     Catalog
WXS - Gate Body Duct Heater     Catalog
XDF - Explosion-Proof Duct Heater Manual   Catalog
XH - x-Max® Explosion-Proof Terminal Housing     Catalog
XHP - x-Max® Dry Seal Plug     Catalog
XHT - x-Max® Trolley Section     Catalog
XTF - Thermoswitch™ Controller for Hazardous Locations     Catalog
XTK - Thermostat Installation Kit Manual   Catalog
ZF - Thyristor Power Controls (SCRs)     Catalog